A Close-Knit Team — My First Month in the Digital Development Team

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Getting to know the team

Starting a new job in a different company always means an opportunity to adapt to a new culture and processes. I have been able to adapt quite well thanks to the support of my team and work colleagues. The team have been super supportive in terms of bringing me on board and answering any questions I have had about the application, systems architecture, and workflow/processes. The process of getting me on board has been very smooth and credit goes to the team for their organisation and knowledge.

One thing which really stood out for me was the fact that one of our previous backend developers who had already left for a new role by the time I joined, chose to work after hours for a while in order to help with the transition period, to bring me up to speed and answer any questions I had about the codebase, tech stack and the development processes.

Gaining exposure to other areas

Another thing which stood out is how closely we work together as a team. Working as a backend developer in such a close-knit team allows me to get exposure in other areas within the team which I wouldn’t normally get as my primary role is working on the backend applications. I have been able to gain new knowledge in frontend development, UX design and web support so far. Speaking of web support, doing it has been a great way to learn about other areas and to use my expertise to handle issues which may sit outside our normal development projects.

Contributing to our project and ideas

So far, I have been able to get stuck in and finished multiple stories which has allowed me to learn a little bit more about the apps and how some of the different components fit together. The team has created a culture where anyone isn’t afraid to ask questions and no matter how small the question is, there’s always someone available to answer. This culture has allowed me to settle in well and has also allowed me to contribute new ideas from this early on by drawing on my knowledge from my previous experience.

Things I’ve Done So Far

  • Fixed Markdown rendering error for Topics pages
  • Implemented new banner colour option for serious information
  • Added feature to Typecase for Courses accreditation section for the new 'In Association With' option
  • Reviewed other developers' merge requests




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