Jenna's reflections on homesickness

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As Spring is nearing, I have begun to feel the tinges of homesickness. I long for the Cherry blossoms blooming and the walks down to lake Washington in the sunshine. As an international student I have experienced my share of homesickness over the past two and a half years, and I believe that I have discovered in that time some ways to deal with feeling homesick.

The first thing I can say about homesickness is that it is okay to feel homesick. It does not seem to matter if you are from another country or another part of the UK, we all miss home from time to time. While homesickness does not disappear overnight there are some things that you can do to help get over the feelings.

Join some activities

There are many clubs and groups in at the University of Bath. If there was something you enjoyed doing at home, such as playing football or dancing, look for a group on campus to join. It could also be an opportunity to try new things. Every semester the university offers language courses for free, maybe you could finally learn some Japanese like you have always wanted to. By getting involved with activities you get to experience fun new things and make new friends.

Do some things that remind you of home

For me, whenever I get particularly homesick, I make American food especially if I am away for major US holidays. But doing things like watching your favourite shows from home over even keeping up with the news may help to subside the feelings of homesickness.

It is also good to keep in contact with friends and family from home. Have a quick video call or even just sending a few text messages may help.

Explore your new home

Bath and the south west have many activities to offer. Whether that’s taking a day trip to see Stonehenge, Cardiff, or Bristol or exploring some of the offerings in town such as the Roman Baths, Fashion Museum and Jane Austen Museum (don’t forget that you student card gives you free admittance or reduced admittance to many of Bath’s attractions!), you won’t run out of new things to try and see for a long time yet. The more familiar you make yourself with the area the more it can start to feel like home.

Talk to someone

If you find that the homesickness you feel has begun to be overwhelming, you can seek advice from a friend or from Student Services in 4 West.



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