A Doctoral Perspective on Be Well Week

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A Doctoral Perspective on Be Well Week

This week (18th-22nd March) is Be Well Week. The University-wide scheme breaks down wellbeing into five key areas: Be Active, Be Mindful, Be Healthy, Be Connected, and Be You. The scheme is designed to help us make small changes so that we can live a balanced lifestyle.

From a Doctoral perspective however, pressure to improve in all aspects of our lives can be overwhelming, especially whilst under a heavy workload. Sometimes it feels like we should continuously strive to become better versions of ourselves, when arguably the most important thing is just to be you.

Being well is something abstract, personal, and much too complex to address in one week. However, this year’s theme (Be Well Together) aims to remind us of the importance of combining wellbeing with a supportive network. This can be particularly important for doctoral students, as our style of work often leads to periods of isolation.

In keeping with the theme of coming together, we’ve selected a range of our favourite activities, and we hope there will be something for everyone to enjoy together over a chilled out lunch break.

Doctoral College Be Well Events

If nothing takes your fancy, check out the University-wide events, and feel free to drop in at our Friday morning Cake in the Commons sessions at any time throughout the year.

Hope to see you there!


Philippa's paintings from the Be Well Week Arts and Crafts session last year

Support Services

If you have questions about wellbeing please get in touch with Student Services. They provide counselling and mental health support including groups and workshops. The Wellbeing Service also offer daily drop in sessions where you can speak confidentially to one of their Wellbeing Advisors.

Social Sport, Read Well, and Silvercloud are the latest additions to the support services available from the University. For information on all support available for Doctoral students visit our Support Guide.

Free social sport and activity program

Bath Active is a free social exercise timetable running throughout the year with over 20 sessions per week.  As part of Be Well Week Bath Active are also running a multi activity taster and information session on Wednesday Afternoon.  All sessions are free, just turn up.

Read Well

Read Well is a selection of over 50 books based in the Library that can support your health and wellbeing. The books are great for self-help around topics such as anxiety, stress or for general development. Visit the Read Well webpage for full details and a list of books.

Silvercloud – Stress management programme

Silvercloud is a free online platform offering a Stress Management module called ‘Space From Stress’.  It is open to all students to use unsupported, so if you would like more information about stress focusing on resilience, assertiveness, problem solving and self-esteem visit the website to sign up and get started.

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