DfID rediscovers its interest in schools – and a pot of gold

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Think Global reports today on DFID plans to fund a Global Learning Programme for England which will

“increase and improve the teaching and learning, at Key Stages 2 and 3, of issues related to global poverty”.

The programme will run, initially, for 5 years, it seems, with an eye-popping budget of some £17-20m.  The windfall, I presume, is to count as overseas development, with the usual sub-text that this is actually money to buy popular support for DfID policies.  Imagine if the MoD did this. [1]

No details are available yet on what this education for global poverty will comprise, but a couple of questions are in order:

1. will broader issues of sustainability have to be included to warrant funding?

2. is the TDA on board, given that a lot of this money must be going into teacher training?

3. when it says, "terms of reference have been developed in consultation with the Department for Education", what does this actually mean?

More on all this, no doubt.

[1] Actually I did this a while back, though all the quotes are from DfID.

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