Very forgettable samosas

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I had hoped that no matter how dull the seminar in Birmingham last Friday might turn out to be, the samosas would be brilliant.  Not so; the samosas were dull: flaccid, pasty confections; happily, the rest of the lunch on offer was rather good, even though it wasn't obviously labelled, fair-trade, shade-grown, organic, locally-sourced, farm-fresh, free-range, red-tractor, etc, etc.

The seminar turned out (as I'd expected) to be ok as well with a good mix of inputs, discussion and reaction, and it was certainly good to be inside the Council House rather than outside in Victoria Square where those attending the German Christmas market (November 21st??) were caught in the cold drizzle and were forced to eat sausage and drink dodgy German beer to keep warm.  And to think that they might have been drinking Hereford Pale Ale in the warm, if only they'd walked up the road.

More on this – the seminar, I mean – when the inputs are available to share.  Meanwhile, my quest for excellence in samosas continues ...

Posted in: Comment, Talks and Presentations


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