If you were an elephant ...

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I've written about Charles Foster before – and shall do so again when I've slowly come to the end of his magisterial Being a Beast.  However, at the rate I'm going, I may never finish it as it's one of those books that demand a slow reading as every phrase and word counts.  Indeed, I re-read bits I've already read because it's so arresting.  As I have said before: outdoor learning will never be the same from hereon in.

If you've not yet bought Beast, just click here for a taste of what's to come.  Foster is writing in the Guardian about elephants: reverentially and without sentiment.  If you were an elephant, Foster says, the world would be a brighter, smellier, noisier place – and you would be a better, wiser, kinder person.

Here's a link to more of Foster's nature writing.

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