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I've learnt so much in Bath - and not always what, where or when I expected it. The lunchtime research seminars are great for that - who knew plankton and bricks had so much in common?! And it is always great to hear what the person sitting opposite you is working on, as you never see their screen! Doctoral Skills are also well worth the effort of choosing wisely. Anything with Trevor Day is heartily recommended, on reading or writing or bringing both together. I'm not sure this counts as "Writing your thesis less painfully in Engineering and Design", but the words are certainly flowing more freely 🙂

This is a thank you poem to Toppings Bookshop and their speakers. They make you tea or coffee whilst you are browsing so it is a great place to try and find the right book 🙂

Through my love of books,
They drew me in to churches:

The wise woman, Margaret Atwood,
Talking at St Marys, the church beneath this hill.
Wise words; an arc of time
Taking Shakespeare, and tragedy, and building Hagseed in to hope
With my daughter; beside me
Acolyte of light
As the author of the Handmaids Tale
Conspired to set us free

Across the town,
Another hall,
We found a dragon’s lair
Of art & legend
The way to take us there.
A man who’d learnt from Tolkien,
And taken him to air,
Designing for the movies;
Who drew my husband in.
A church with open doors this time -
For the many not the few
A place where every servant
Deserved a decent pew

And then we sat right in the store
A cosy, closer, space
As Matt Haig held our thoughts and minds,
He taught us to Stop Time
Nestled in amongst the books,
Where it was safe to learn,
He shared his insecurities
Allowing us to breathe.

And now with columns risen
I’m grateful for their help
It’s time to put the roof on
It’s time to raise a shout



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