Embracing nature’s magic: a snow day at the University of Bath

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Author: Samreen Fatima, alumna of MSc Architectural Engineering: Environmental Design

Imagine waking up to a beautiful winter wonderland outside your accommodation window. The world has transformed overnight into a magnificent snowy landscape, there is an undeniable sense of joy and excitement that fills the air. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa and join me as I share my thoughts on the ultimate gift from Mother Nature - the snow day at the University of Bath.

At around 7:30 am, I get a notification from the University that it's snow day and the University will be closed. An exhilarating sense of relief from regular classes surges through me as I open the blinds and unveil a landscape adorned in pristine white.

Snowy scenery at University of Bath

Dressed in layers, I step outside into the crisp morning air, greeted by the crunch of snow beneath my boots. The University campus, usually bustling with students and professors, now lies under a serene blanket of snow. It is surrounded by an eerie silence, as all roads to the University have restricted access due to snow.

Every tree branch, building and open space had undergone a stunning metamorphosis. The first destination: The Lake, a frozen pond that had become a temporary ice rink for little ducks to walk on.

Snowy scenery at University of Bath

Me and my flatmates walked through the snow-laden pathways near the lake, where the snow had sculpted the backdrop for a winter wonderland photo shoot. We playfully posed with snow-covered trees and created footprints that crisscrossed the untouched canvas of snow. Laughter echoed as we embraced the childlike joy that only a snowy day could inspire. We paused to capture these moments on our phones, realizing that the snow had transformed our familiar surroundings into something extraordinary.

Snowy scenery at University of Bath

Our journey continued towards Chancellors Green, where the snow had delicately draped itself over the grass and trees. The stillness of nature, interrupted only by our muffled footsteps, added a sense of tranquillity to the adventure. It was a moment to appreciate the beauty that winter had bestowed upon our campus. We continued our exploration with a Snowball fight. Laughter filled the air as we exchanged playful shots, temporarily forgetting the stresses of assignments and exams.

With rosy cheeks, we concluded our walk at the SU Bath. There, we treated ourselves to some cookies and a streaming cup of hot coffee at Starbucks, relishing the warmth that filled our cups and our hearts.

Picture of a Starbucks coffee

As we returned to Polden, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for the spontaneous escapade that transformed our university routine. The snowy campus had become a canvas for shared laughter, new experiences, and the beauty of winter camaraderie.

And so, with cold noses and warm memories, we settled in for the evening, eager to recount our snowy campus exploration, a day filled with the magic that only winter can bring.

A memorable day which I can never forget!!

Posted in: Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, Postgraduate


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