Chemical Engineering Postgraduate Sustainability Group

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Our postgraduate sustainability group is led by students at various stages of their PhD and primarily aims to target sustainability related issues in the Department of Chemical Engineering. As most of our Research involves massive use of chemicals, water, plastic and energy, it is our responsibility to minimise and conscientiously manage the impact that our everyday practices have on the environment. As members of an innovative institution, we want to be at the forefront of the movement of change that will help tackling the issues posed by climate change. We believe that cooperation among students, staff and academics is the key to tackle sustainability issues and therefore our group actively works to organize initiatives where all the Chem Eng community is involved. The upcoming events organized by our group are the setup of the sustainable Christmas tree in the department foyer made from recycled and recovered materials and our campaign “Shut the Sash”, related to reducing excessive use of our fume hoods in the Department which are high-energy consuming items. We hope for this academic year to promote good sustainable practices in the labs of our department and increase the environmental awareness related to waste disposal and management of resources. Ultimately, we welcome proactive members ready to take responsibility and continue the initiative over the next year.


Sustainable Christmas tree made from recycled materials

Logo for our 'Shut the Sash' campaign

Posted in: Department of Chemical Engineering, Postgraduate


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