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We spent a little time this week getting a ZX Spectrum going, and finding out a tape drive.

Unfortunately when we plugged it all together.... it seemed that there was no input into the Spectrum. The tape player was a WHSmiths one from the 1980s, and we were fairly sure it was working.

We tested the tape player.

And yes.... it was producing signal - just not when we plugged it into the Spectrum.

So out came the tools and cleaning solution.... and 20 minutes later..... It works.....


After the many minutes of squealing tape noise.
One fully functional machine, with a way to say and loaad from storage.

We also remembered that when we visited Bristol a few months back, there were a number of tapes in a box. We went scouring through the store.... and sure enough we found some original material to use.

We look forward to our visitors experiencing the world from 1982 again!

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