Macro of the Month - Panel

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This feature aims to introduce you to the various macros (small pre-set programmes) that are available within Confluence. They are designed to help you with the layout and functionality of your content.

This month’s macro is Panel. Like all macros it can be found under Other Macros in the Insert menu.

Panel is a very basic macro with multiple uses. In fact, it will probably be the macro you use most often in any space.

Panel has four functions which you can use in combination or independently:
• to add a border to part of a page
• to add a background colour to part of a page
• to add a title to part of a page
• to make a wiki space easier to edit (and since a wiki is always a work in progress, it's a good idea to think about how it will develop in future)

How to use a Panel:
• When you add a panel you will be asked for your choices of title, border type, background colour etc.
• When you have made your choices, click Save
• Add any material you like to the panel: text, images, tables etc.
• If you want to move the panel and its contents, simply drag and drop the panel into its new position
• Panels can also be copy and pasted (within a page or across pages) making it easy to make a new panel based on an existing one


Examples of panel(click on image to enlarge)


Posted in: Tracey's macro of the month