Flexible Working within the Department for Health

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To create and maintain a diverse and effective workforce, we recognise that a little flexibility can sometimes make a difference in assisting staff to balance the demands of work and their personal life.  In this blog, we wanted to draw your attention to the University's policy on flexible working, and outline the key aspects that we advocate in the Department for Health.

Working arrangements

In line with University of Bath policies that facilitate flexible working and time off from work, staff in the Department for Health can enjoy flexibility in their working arrangements (please refer to the next section below for the range of flexible working options).

Under the amended Employment Rights Act 1996 and Flexible Working Regulations, staff have a statutory right to request a flexible working pattern. Department staff can make a request in writing for a change to their working arrangements to the Head of Department. Full details of procedures on such requests can be found using the link above.

Flexible working options

In line with University of Bath Flexible Working policies, there are a range of flexible working options available to the Department for Health staff.  Examples include:

  • Part-time working
  • Flexi-time
  • Flexible retirement
  • Home working
  • Job sharing
  • Term-time only
  • Annualised hours

Definitions, eligibility and details on how to apply can be found here.

Annual leave

Previous comments we received from our staff revealed that they often felt they are missing out on quality time with family and friends because of work pressures. We also know that the ‘real’ quality time is more likely to be experienced when staff can physically and mentally remove themselves from the distractions of the workplace. Hence, we encourage our staff to take their full annual leave allowance.

Full details of annual leave entitlements and how to book your annual leave are available from Human Resources

Core business in core hours

We acknowledge that options for flexible working available to an individual or group of staff will depend largely on the type of work contact they have. In order to facilitate these different flexible working options, we adopt a ‘core business in core hours’ model for key meetings. The University of Bath’s core hours are between 10:00 - 16:00.  This will ensure the maximum number of people can attend key meetings and will avoid unintended exclusion of some staff that may have caring responsibilities or work part-time.

Within the Department for Health, we strive to keep our core business hours to 10:00 – 15:00 wherever possible (please be mindful of this if you are scheduling meetings!). Where this is not possible, dates and times of committee / all-staff meetings and staff Away Days are communicated to staff and listed on the Departmental calendar at least one month in advance.

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