Blown away by Bath's PhD students

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I just wanted to add a quick post about an event we ran this week - the Three Minute Thesis, or 3MT.

You might have already heard of the event. Its been going for some years, born out of the University of Queensland in Australia, and replicated by institutions around the world. This was our first year of running the competition here at Bath, and I really didn't know what to expect.

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What I definitely didn't expect at all was the sheer professionalism of the presentations given by our students here at Bath. Seeing as they've spent the last two or three years completely embedded in their research, they did a phenomenal job during our live final at Bath Brew House of explaining their work and sharing their passion for it with a public audience.

I am sure our judges had a really hard time deciding between the six finalists, but they chose a worthy winner in Amyce Aurora-Smith. A Mechanical Engineering PhD student, Amyce managed to make car dampers exciting, and her enthusiasm for her work was contagious. I'm now really looking forward to working with Amyce on her video entry for the UK national 3MT semi-finals and learning more about her research.

A full report on the Bath3MT final is on the University website here.

Posted in: Event, Research promotion


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