10 West: Project Newsletter - May 2015

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Progress to date

The project is on program and is benefiting from the good weather conditions:

  • Works on the underdeck and water main connections have been completed ahead of schedule.
  • The construction of level 1 has been completed, level 2 is also making good progress.
  • The emergence of level 3 lift shafts, staircase columns and the atrium are now visible.
  • The internal walls are making good progress.
  • The erection of the steel frame to the west block and atrium will commence in the next 2 weeks.

Ongoing reviews are underway with the final users of the building, the Department of Psychology and the Office of Policy and Planning, to refine detailed requirements and furniture procurement.


Health & Safety

  • Extra measures and precautions remain in place around the site when construction vehicles leave and are being monitored to ensure safety. These include measures such as banksmen who are helping vehicles to safely leave the site.
  • To date there have been no injuries or accidents, the team are achieving exemplary levels of safety.


  • The noise levels will continue to the same level as they have been in the previous month.

Did you know?...

...that the first floor concrete slab weighs approximately the same weight as a fully laden A380 Jumbo Jet. Each floor slab will weigh a similar amount, and there are 5-6 floors.

General queries can be addressed to estates-helpdesk@bath.ac.uk

Please also see Campus investment webpages and Estates webpages

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