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Welcome to the monthly update aimed at keeping you up to speed on the new Polden Student Accommodation project.

Our Project Manager, Steve Phillips is on site throughout the working day, and should be the first point of contact for any issues. He is working closely with the University Estate and Accommodation staff, and attends the monthly University contractors meeting with a view to keeping staff and students informed of the works and to give notice of any potential disruption.

The contractor is aware of both the revision and assessment periods and is working closely with the University to ensure disturbance is kept to a minimum during these times.

The builder's office and welfare set up is now up and running in the West Car Park which has allowed their full site team to join them on site.  They have completed the majority of the enabling works outside of the site boundary, and their permanent timber hoarding will start to be erected from next week.  This will provide a more permanent boundary to the work area as the builders start coming out of the ground with the building.

With regard to the site works - they are still in the process of excavating the ground to install foundations and drainage, but the number of muck-away lorries has now reduced.  They will be continuing to break out rock as they excavate foundations which may create noise and vibration intermittently throughout the working day, and will take us into mid-June.  Concrete deliveries will continue every day whilst foundations are formed.

One milestone this month will be the delivery and erection of the first tower crane.  This will be erected 28m in height within the old entrance to the West Car Park and will provide all lifting for the construction of the concrete frame adjacent to Quarry Road.  This will be supplemented by a second tower crane, 43m in height, which will assist in the construction of the concrete frame adjacent to 7W and 9W.  Both tower cranes are fitted with state-of-the-art technology which restricts the crane from lifting materials over neighbouring buildings, and from clashing with each other.

Once the tower crane has been erected, the concrete frame contractor will start onsite.  This will involve continuous deliveries of concrete and shuttering materials throughout the day to form the ground floor slab, and then start casting retaining walls and columns as the building beings to rise.

Drainage runs and the gas main within the West Car Park are now installed, and will be connected in the next week to allow reinstatement of the paving and return the fenced off areas back to car parking.

All live electric cables have now been diverted into the road adjacent 7W and 9W, which allows the drainage installation to commence.  This will involve excavating pits around 3m in depth to form manholes connected up the existing roadway.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding whilst the construction phase is ongoing.

Should you have any queries please contact the Department of Estates Helpdesk via email on estates-helpdesk@bath.ac.uk.

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