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Welcome to our fifth monthly update, aiming to keep you up to speed on the new Polden Student Accommodation project.

May was a very busy month for everyone involved with the Polden project, with an average workforce of 62 people.

The builders are continuing excavating to form foundations and installing drainage which means more vehicle movements on campus to remove the rock and replace it with concrete and pipe bedding. This will continue throughout this month with an aim to get the majority of the foundations cast by the end of the June.  However, noise and vibration is likely to be reduced as they are no longer excavating into the deep rock, but moderate noise will still be evident, for example when loading lorries. The team are working closely with Accommodation & Hospitality Services and Estates to manage the disruption to neighbouring buildings and the construction traffic.

Builders have now poured the first ground floor slab adjacent to the existing Quarry Road and you may have seen concrete columns and walls being formed in the Western side of the site by the entrance to the West Car Park. These works will now continue throughout the month with concrete deliveries each afternoon to cast more columns. They plan to pour the level 1 slab of this area and continue upwards with columns and walls within the next couple of weeks.

There may be a period over the next few weeks when concrete lorries will be brought into the site past the South Car Park, through the temporary carpark behind 10West, and through the West Car Park due to the number of activities within our site boundary around the main delivery gate. These deliveries will be brought through the car parks by the Vinci Site Vehicle to minimise any disruption to users of the car parks and campus roads.  This has been planned with the involvement and support of the University’s Security department

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding whilst the construction phase is ongoing.

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