School of Management Project Update - February 2021

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Welcome to the monthly update focused on keeping you up to speed on progress being made at the University of Bath, School of Management project. The project continues to change significantly with the progression of works both externally and internally. We are now seeing the first signs of how the building will be in its final state.

A big change since the last issue of the newsletter is the external façade of the building. We have continued to make progress on all elevations of the building. We have since completed the framework and glazing to the pavilion façade which has enable the follow-on louvres to be installed. On the north, east and west elevations we are underway installing final cladding panels giving us an insight to the final finishes of the building. On the pavilion roof we have removed several mast climbers to facilitate the install of cladding panels and damp proofing. A key milestone which has been achieved in this period is completing the installation of glazing to the atrium façade transforming the appearance of the building.

Internally the mechanical and electrical installation continues to progress on all floors. Ductwork installation is well underway to basement, levels one and two. First fix install is in progress to all WC areas throughout the building. We have commenced with the install of high-level wiring to the pavilion area and subsequent lecture theatres at this level. Rooms continue to be formed throughout the building with the progression of drylining. We see faculty offices formed throughout up to level four. Walls are being closed out at level zero to form the shaft walls to the lecture theatres. We have also commenced with the install of walls to WC areas a level zero releasing further work faces. A key milestone for the project was the completion of the mock-up rooms which have been presented to the university. The rooms enable us to see the final finishes and provide a lesson learned to improve going forward.

At level 5 the façade backing structure is being installed to the elevations and we have completed the handrail. At level six we continue with the installation of roof finishes with all ballast now laid and upstand details being worked on. Cladding panels and capping have also since been installed to the atrium roof structure.

Forecast of upcoming works Noise Level Date
Facade, groundworks, M&E install Occasional plant noise Ongoing in Feb.
Material deliveries Occasional plant noise Ongoing in Feb.


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