School of Management Building Project Update - June 2021

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Externally the public realm works are changing the neighbouring landscape but giving an insight into the open space that will be to the north elevation.

Externally to the building the façade works are progressing well with good progress made in the period for the installation of the soffit panels. These works are being coordinated with the lighting system that will illuminate this colonnade when finished. On the upper levels we are installing the remaining coping panels to the atrium and pavilion roof which will see these areas complete. Subsequently on level 6 roof the last of the roof finishes are being applied. Down below on the pavilion roof we are installing the closing plates to the pavilion skylights and have also now begun with the installation of the green roof system. Groundworks continue to make progress in multiple areas on site. To the north elevation we have completed the reduce dig to the public realm space and have subsequently started the installation of kerbs. In this zone also we are underway with the multiple services installations which are being closely coordinated with the University. To the east of the site within the campus grounds we are also carrying the required excavation for the HV connections.

Internally we are progressing on all floors with all trades which highlights the key coordination that is being carried out with the supply chain. Mechanical and electrical (M&E) install continues to the basement with core walls now being formed. Plastering has now been completed on level three which has released the floor to allow low level M&E to commence. Subsequently the team area working through level four to complete plaster and start M&E. A key milestone was achieved in the period in that we completed all finishes to the auditorium ceiling. These key works have enabled scaffold to be struck and proceeding works to commence. Changes within the atrium continue with the recent installation of the glass balustrade to the zone providing insight to the final finishes for the area. In addition, the walls adjacent to the atrium façade are being decorated. Faculty offices continue to be formed on all floors and louvres back are being installed to complete the façade works.

Forecast of upcoming works Noise Level Date
Facade, groundworks, M&E install Occasional plant noise Ongoing in June.
Material deliveries Occasional plant noise Ongoing in June.

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