Peter Pan Goes Wrong review - here's what we thought

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Some Omnibus members went to the Theatre Royal last night and had a wonderful start to their Christmas season, see what they had to say:

It was SO funny. The audience was. Roaring with laughter throughout.
It’s worth arriving a little early because the ‘stage crew’ (actors) were moving throughout the audience building the atmosphere doing silly things with props.
From slapstick to unexpected disasters the play keeps you see-sawing between laughter & shock. Peter Pan and his wires were a constant source of joy!
The final scene of the  constantly rotating stage brought the show to a wonderfully chaotic crescendo.
Suffice to say the timing of all these gags was superb and all the REAL stage hands came on stage for a much deserved bow at the end. - Fran

Many thanks for the amazing seats - my husband and I had a great view!  The play itself was great, with lots of laughter and audience participation. If anything like this comes back again we should definitely try to get tickets. - Catherine

Posted in: General News, Theatre


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  • It is for the first time i have attended a stage show and i loved it. It was a hilarious act and i was always fond of such fun. Would be glad if such hilarious shows details are shared in the future. Just to end a busy day with fun and great laughter....