Blind Date with a Book

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Book Group are trying something new this December - Blind Date with a Book!

Here's how a Blind Date with a Book works:

Bring along a book you have enjoyed to share with someone else.

It should be wrapped and labelled with three points or words to describe it.

DO include on the inside cover if you would like the book returned at a future meeting.

DON'T buy a new copy, either bring along your own or a second-hand/charity shop copy.

We will also be voting for our favourite and least favourite book of the year (see the wiki address below pictures, for the list).

If you would like to bring a Christmassy sweet/savoury treat to share at this meeting, please do!

Meeting will take place at 12:15 to 13:05 hrs on Thursday 19 December 2019 in WH Council Chambers


Posted in: Book Group, General News


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