As the train drew in to Bath Spa station...

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As the train drew into Bath Spa station I looked at the beautiful city I had lived in for four years. The sun was shining - it was going to be a great weekend. That evening , dinner and a wander round – oh look! The Green Tree looks the same but there is a bouncer on the door. The Saracen’s Head still looked the same – I met my future husband there. At breakfast the following morning, two more friends from Applied Biology were in the dining rooms – a lovely surprise and the beginning of a growing group- we found two more friends up at the University during the morning and more people found us during the day.

The campus had changed a lot – many more buildings and all the trees! We enjoyed the slide show and kept thinking we recognised people but the images didn’t stay long enough for us to be sure.

After some interesting talks and a lovely lunch we went on the tour of the Science buildings and were disappointed that the South Building does not seem to have had the investment of other parts of the campus. C’mon, Bath, put this right!

Saturday evening, we met up with another year group for a few drinks then had a leisurely meal in one of the many new restaurants – it was wonderful how well we all got on and how much we had to talk about. Sharing memories and thinking of those who were not there, we formed a plan to try and get a much bigger group together, maybe for the 50th celebrations in 2016/17.

Biddy Unsworth (BSC Applied Biology 1974)

Posted in: Bath, On campus


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