Could a reunion be inspirational?

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Could a reunion be inspirational?

This wasn’t the question at the forefront of my mind as I agreed to attend the University of Bath reunion.

I have been back to the City of Bath numerous times, but have never ventured back to the top of 'the hill'. What would I do and whom would I see? Would I get marched off the premises by security?

So, when I received an invitation to attend a 35th anniversary reunion, the spark was there to see what had changed. Saturday 10th May was the day it all happened.

I arrived later than planned due to the Badminton Horse Trials congestion. Not to worry, as the Alumni Relations team warmly welcomed me. I was quickly able to strike up conversations with ‘strangers’ as we had so much in common.

The buffet lunch enabled us to catch up on old times and the faculty tours brought the memories flooding back. Lecture theatres and exam rooms were all there to re-experience. It was good to see the progress being made with the campus and the educational offerings.

In mid afternoon, there was a lecture on the University, past, present and future. During the following convocation meeting the statement was made – “we are proud of you, and we hope you are proud of us”. You bet!

So, could a reunion be inspirational? For this 35th year alumnus, it certainly was.

Kevin Phillips (BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1979)

Posted in: Bath, On campus


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