Happy Birthday Bath!

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Thanks to our alumni who sent their best wishes to the University for our birthday on Tuesday. Here are some of your messages. Don't forget you can also wish us Happy Birthday via twitter.


Thank you very much for reminding me of the Bath University 50th year Birthday.
Happy birthday to Bath Uni.! !
Just visiting the Bath Facebook, wishing you all the wonderful birthday.

With best wishes,

Kaori Hara
Tokyo, Japan


My warm greetings from Brisbane where I am for a visit. Since I left Bath many things have changed in my life I have a good career as humanitarian and soon I am having a family. I thank you for your continuous updates and for keeping me close to my cherished University. I am happy to hear the good news from Bath. For this special day I am proud to be part of the big family of University of Bath. I wish you a happy and fabulous anniversary to all of you and long life to our University. Let keep grow more and spread our wings across the world. Happy 50 anniversary to Bath.

Kenny Theophile Nkundwa


birthday card
A Pea Birthday!

A Pea Birthday!
Thank you for the messages. Sorry we cannot be there.
Have a great day and evening!
Malcolm + Donna Hecks


Thank you very much for sending this email to me. I am so glad today is our university's birthday. I want to say "Happy birthday to my dear BATH" sincerely. The study time in BATH is so wonderful. Thank you very much my dear BATH and have a good day.

Qiulu Ding
From Shanghai. China


May the university continue to achieve further progress in all its objectives to benefit the community, the society and the world.
God bless,



I have had the great pleasure of being associated with the University from its very earliest years, prior to the award of its Royal Charter and since. I wish to record my sincerest appreciation of the professional support and guidance given to me during my full-time secondment from Avon County Council in 1987, and later following early retirement, leading to the Degree of MPhil (Education).

During my Further Education lecturing career over 25 years, the University regularly hosted students from my Business Studies Department, and several went on to be appointed to posts within the University. This was one of the first Work Experience Schemes (1964) in the region for FE students, and I was always impressed by the great support the College received from the University staff. The College reciprocated by hosting students from the University for Teaching Practice.

As the nominee of the Bristol and West of England Branch of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and the Secretary of State for Education, I served as a Professional Business Member on the City of Bath Further Education Corporation for 13 years from 1988, Vice Chair for the final 3 years. I am particularly pleased to record that throughout these years, and since, the College and the University have developed very close professional links.

I am very proud to have been associated with the University over all these years. BATH IS NOW ONE OF THE TOP BRITISH UNIVERSITIES!! WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!! VERY WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU!!!!

Stan Nicholls
MPhil (Education) ACIS


Many congratulations on 50 years of contribution to learning and development! Loved my years at Bath (1972-1976 Pharmacology) – will always hold such a special place in my heart. So sorry to miss this wonderful celebration and look forward to revisiting next year when we return to UK for a sojourn.
Would love to connect with other graduates from Pharmacology 1976 – Carol Waring, Ann Brown, Dave Parkinson, Mike Tomkins. Are you out there?

Dr Christine A Phillips
Gold Coast Australia


Happy birthday to dear BATH!

Crystal Feng


At my instigation and with local coordination by Tom Longridge (as I live in Fleet, Hampshire) there have been two sessions of bell ringing today to mark the University's anniversary.

First, 10 of us (some with a university connection) rang for 15 minutes after the celebratory event in the Abbey.

This evening, eight of us - all with University connections - rang a quarter peal. That was 1250 changes taking 45 minutes.

The full details are available through the following links to the ringing website, BellBoard.



You are welcome to share this with the University organisation more widely if you wish.

James White
Mathematics BSc. 1990


Happy Birthday!

Lester Ferguson
NSW, Australia


A great milestone for the University and the Bath Community. As an early student (and I well remember the wonderful ceremony in Bath Abbey) I wish all the present and past community of students, Alumni and wider community a truly memorable celebration and wish I could be with you. It is very pleasing to see how the university has prospered and grown in stature since its inception when we had only one building on the site and all lived in digs around the town sometimes to the consternation of the locals. Have a great time.

Best wishes,
Angela (Bailey) Delves
NSW, Australia


Congratulate you on the 50th anniversary! I am proud I have graduated from this University.

I wish you prosperity and success!

Evgenia Belova


Congratulations to everyone on our 50th Anniversary. As a student during the 10th Anniversary my memories are still very strong of wonderful times there and learning then that still helps me now.

Roy Kirkby


I remember well the day I was offered a place in 1967 and the following Sunday took my wife and children to visit the Campus

It consisted in those days of a singular square block that eventually became the Biology faculty.

Walking around it there was not much to see or say, but my wife commented on an attractive plant in one of the windows.

The rest, as the saying goes, is history!

Ken Riley
Sociology, Class of 71


Thank you for sharing this celebration.
As a graduate of the Bath University Masters Degree in Construction Management 1999 (Distance Learning + two Residential Schools) I am excited to share in the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the University. Especially so as we here in Barbados will celebrate our 50th Anniversary as an Independent Nation on November 30 this year. I join Adminstrators, Faculty, Students, Alumini, Donors and Friends of Bath University in celebrating the growth and excellence of this great University and am very happy that I was fortunate to be part of that experience. I look forward to continued participation in whatever small way in the life of this great institution of learning accessible to the whole world. The greetings in many languages across the world attest to the reach of your teaching and learning. I am very proud to be a part of it. Congratulations.

Erskine Thompson


With best wishes for a wonderful day.

Sorry I couldn’t make it as it’s also the 50th anniversary of my graduation.
Peter Jones


From small beginnings look at the Uni now! I'm so glad I went to Bath Uni! Those many years ago.

Brock Hoaran


My hearty best wishes to Bath and all on its 50th!!!

Have a great day and I trust the reception is lots of fun.

Peter W Marshall, Eco & Pol 1982


I feel deeply identified with this transcendental date of the anniversary of my University.

My best wishes for the professors, lecturers, researchers, administrative personnel, students and the whole community of Bath University, specially for the Masters course on International relations and Development Studies (then) .

Maria Gutierrez, Peru


Happy Birthday
I well remember 50 years ago as it was then that I was one of the very first batch of students to graduate from Bath University as it had just become. Of course, as the Engineering department was still in Ashley Down in Bristol the only time I visited the University Campus was for an end of course dinner. The graduation ceremony took place in the Assembly Rooms in Bath.
Happy Birthday again.
David G Rosser, BSc Bath 1966


Happy Birthday! 🙂

Hope it went well today (and goes well this evening) - I've been thinking of you all!

I think a great big celebratory cake is in order from the winner of the bake off sweepstake!



Thank you for the invitation and information. It would have been nice to attend the celebrations but it's a bit far for me to come.

The university seems to have changed enormously since the first generations of students (that includes me) were there. I remember the lake with lots of space around it (fortunately I was never enrolled for a dunking, that activity was the province of the more harum-scarum elements), and the refectory in which I worked for a while "polishing the silver" as the forewoman called it (most people would have said drying the cutlery).

But it's still the same chug up that hill. I used to walk from my various digs in town (Audley Park amongst others) to the university and back, to save busfare. It was beautiful and I daresay it still is, but I wonder if anybody does that any more.

Are the terraces there still? I was in Conygre Terrace and thought it was great!

All the best for the next 50 years.

Shirley Boss


It has been 21 years since finishing my MSc in IEM at Bath. It gives me great pleasure being able to join remotely with all of you in celebrating the 50th Birthday of Bath University. I am happy that Bath University has been making steady progress as a world renowned higher learning institute. I wish Bath University a wonderful 50th Birthday.

M W Leelaratne, Nugegoda


My name is Tianxiang Zhang who graduated from University of Bath in 2015. I send this mail for sharing my wishes to my loved university.

"Happy Birthday, University of Bath. I wish more and more young students enjoy their lives and studies in the perfect environment you provides. And also, I wish University of Bath can get better achievements on academic researches."

Kind Regards,
Tianxiang Zhang

Fabulous celebration of the first 50 Years for University of Bath, in the Abbey, with super speeches, marvellous music, astonishing a Capella, diverting dance and fantastic films featuring students, alumni, staff, supporters and academics, all in a spectacular setting...

Barry Gilbertson


Thanks for keeping us informed. Let's have such birthdays celebrated also in our countries

Dr Desire M Sibanda


Happy Birthday Bath University!

The Rev.d Preb. Angela Berners-Wilson
Rector : Quantock Towers Benefice


Happy Anniversary !

Wish our university grow in prosperity rapidly, and all of U in Bath a wonderful night !

I am currently in China and work in PwC Shanghai Office. I'm wondering what would be like in the celebration at Bath Abbey ! 🙂

Best Regards,



Today on the 50th Birthday of University of Bath، a great university, and amongst "top 10" university within UK, I congratulate the faculty, students, staff and the leadership / management of the university, and wish all the best to this university for many successful years to come in education, research, including sports and other activities, and as one of the worlds top UK university.

I feel privileged to have been a Graduate student of this great university, and completed MSc in Electrical Power Systems in 2005.

With all the best wishes,

Noorali Amarsi


Happy birthday. I am so proud of being the student here.

Qu Nyi Zeng


Hiiiii My Bath Uni,

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!
And really miss those precious time you gave me!!!!!!
Love u !
Please keep that lovely all the time and I'll be back one day!!!

With Best Regards
Chang Ding


Happy birthday to the best university in the world!

Happy birthday and thanks to all of you who work diligently to make the university of bath a better place for all!

Best wishes,


As one of the select band of students who were the first to go through in Bath I have many memories of my four years, including attending the service in the Abbey. I am still in touch with a number of those who were there with me and I still sometimes have work contacts with current staff at the University. It was an interesting experience with initially only about 200 students in Bath in the then preliminary building, but we had a fantastic vice-chancellor in George Moore, who was brilliant. My, how you have grown!

John Fawell, Applied Biology 1969


Happy 50th Birthday! It was my 56th yesterday #classof84

Paul Butler


Happy Birthday to the University of Bath: I suspect I am one of the few people remaining who was at the Bath University of Technology (as it was then) in the South Building of the Claverton Down site on that day 50 years ago!

Graham Stewart


This is great news! Happy Birthday, and congratulations for the 50 year anniversary! ^_^



Happy Birthday, and congratulations for the 50 year anniversary! ^_^

Po-Hsiang (2008/2009 Bath MBA) from Taiwan


Many congratulations and I am so sorry not to have been with you today

With warm regards
Sheila Hollins



Excellent!!! HBD to us all!!



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