Bath graduates share their tips for new arrivals

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We asked our Facebook followers: what are your top campus tips for new arrivals to Claverton Down? From self-awareness to skipping, here's the best advice from our alumni community...

“Spend this week getting to know everyone else – because you'll spend the next four years afterwards getting to know yourself.”
Rob Furber (BSc Chemical Engineering 1978)

“1. Buy a bus pass, because although hill walking is Covid-friendly, it's a killer on the muscles!
2. Do as much in welcome week as possible to find a society/group that fits you.
3. Be yourself. You'll have a great future.”
Matthew Holmes (BSc Applied Physics with Placement 1995)

“Work hard but make sure you put aside time for relaxation, leisure and sports.”
Trev Searle (BSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering 1974)

“If you’re walking to town from campus, skip down the hill... it's more fun, uses less energy and doesn't leave you with dying leg muscles the next day!”
Claire Huntley (BSc Applied Biology with Placement 1996)

“Stay in touch with your buddies – I graduated in 1984 and I am still connected with my Bath buddies. It has been almost 40 years since we first met and when we get together we are transported back to the ‘80s.”
Fuzianna Ibrahim (BPharm Pharmacy 1984)

“Take a dog for a walk at the dogs’ home near the campus.”
Dane Marsh (BSc Sociology with Industrial Relations with Placement 1998)

Posted in: Bath, On campus

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