50 years of URB: you share your memories

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University Radio Bath – or URB, to those in the know – has been broadcasting across the Claverton Down airwaves since 1973. In celebration of the station's 50th anniversary, we asked whether you were a part of URB during your time at Bath. From hangovers to hanging cables, you shared your memories of campus' standout station...


"I presented on Sunday mornings [in the late ‘80s] (possibly fighting a hangover) and various other bits! Good times! Studio looks so clean without all that pesky vinyl lying around in piles!” 


“I remember one night the person taking the next hour didn't turn up, so had to ad-lib for an hour to keep things going! In my postgrad years [in the ‘70s], I remember putting an antenna on the top of Norwood House so we could just pick up Capital Radio in London, so we could relay their news feed. I don't know how things work these days, but in the early days we only had a radio license to broadcast within the confines of the campus, so there was a 'leaky feeder' coax cable run all around Norwood, Wessex and Westwood – those were the only halls at the time.” 


“I was the programme controller for a couple of years in the early ‘90s and hosted a show. How different the studio looks today.” 


“I was there at the beginning, 1973. Many a night spent listening to good music and gentle voices.” 


“In my first year (1974-5) I did a late-night show called The Show with No Name.” 


"I remember presenting the jazz show on Sunday evenings around 1984. Happy days…” 


“I remember being at the 10th birthday. I was at different times the chief engineer, treasurer, publicity and occasional presenter in the early ‘80s. Congratulations on keeping it all going and here's to the next 50.” 


“I was a presenter from ‘81 to ‘84. Fantastic to hear it’s still going strong. Somewhere in the loft are some cassettes of some shows – I sound a lot younger (and far less wise…)” 


“Great memories of the early ‘90s, especially a post-finals ensemble presenting clips from Monty Python records and songs from that era. Still have a copy of the tapes today and listen back to them.” 


"I loved my time there and had no idea what an incredible career in radio it would lead to.”

“I was station manager in 1987-8. Great to see that video has not killed the radio star!” 


“If listening to it was being part of it, then yes 😊” 

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  • I graduated in 1969 so missed out on the fun ! Anyway in Pharmacy we were all too busy working !!😂😂

  • I had a programme during 1977/78 called The Green Eyed God Show. Timing was midnight to closedown (2am). Played good music (nearly all my own) on vinyl and cassette. Those were the days!!

  • While presenting a weekly news show on URB in June 1982, I interviewed the several members of New Quarry State (NQS), which had just declared UDI (formerly Quarry Terrace on campus). This was just after final exams. Of course, their main rivals were Wessex House, which they challenged to a water fight. The leaders of NQS are now upstanding members of the global community, but I'm sure they remember their university years with mischievous thoughts!