Autumn Telethon 2023: student callers share their stories

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Our Autumn Telethon has now come to a close, and thanks to our wonderful alumni it was one of our most successful to date, raising over £33,000 for scholarships, our 2024 Gown Appeal and the Alumni Fund. Student callers also used the Telethon as an opportunity to connect with the Bath alumni community. They tell us about their highlights of the fundraising campaign.


Sri – International management postgraduate student

Having called an incredible 699 alumni over the three-week Telethon period, Sri was lucky enough to get a first-hand account of how the Alumni Fund can change students' lives.

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"Engaging with alumni, hearing their stories and sharing the successes of the Alumni Fund was immensely fulfilling.

One particularly captivating call stands out to me – a conversation with an alumna who directly benefited from the support of the Alumni Fund. She vividly described how the fund had been a crucial lifeline during her academic journey. As she shared her success in the professional world, it became clear that the Alumni Fund had played a pivotal role in shaping her life.

The alumna's enthusiasm to give back was palpable; she expressed gratitude for her experience and a profound sense of connection to the University.

This call reinforced the profound ripple effect the Alumni Fund has on the Bath community, and how it creates a cycle of support and inspiration that extends far beyond the initial contribution.



Josephine – PhD electrical & electronic engineering student

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"The main message from calls I have had is that you can still be adventurous and venture into new fields after you graduate! There are loads of opportunities and it is okay to go with the flow.

An interesting call I had was with an alumnus who went from graduating with a biology degree to now working in the digital technology sector.

It has been amazing to hear what careers Bath alumni go on to pursue and how their degree has helped them to get to where they are at the moment.

Although we called to talk about the Alumni Fund, every conversation with a Bath alumnus was a great opportunity for them to reconnect with the University community."



"I’ve loved speaking to alumni. There are so many different stories you hear along the way, and I found it was a great way to connect to graduates who have been in the same position before me. 

Something I learnt about the University during the Telethon was the Bath half-marathon. Many societies from the University get involved with this event; I think that it’s great for students to get involved with what is going on in the city and to cheer their fellow students on.

I want to say a huge thank you to the donors for contributing towards the Alumni Fund. Every donation, small or large can make a big difference to students' lives, and we really appreciate it."



Hristiana – Final-year health & exercise science student

With her graduation in sight, Hristiana hoped to receive career advice from the alumni she spoke to and was encouraged to follow her passions.

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"The thing I enjoyed the most about the Telethon was hearing from alumni who graduated a fairly long time ago share what the University was like when they were studying at Bath. I realised that many of the University’s traditions have been preserved and are still passed on to newer generations of students, which makes me feel like I am part of a special community.

A particularly inspiring story I heard from an alum was about how they got their graduate role. They shared how they applied to multiple different roles and eventually got offered a position in a field that they were extremely passionate about.

Choosing that role turned out to be one of the best decisions of their life as they now have endless opportunities to grow within that particular company. The takeaway for me was to follow my dreams and my passions because they can go a long way!"



Aimee – First-year psychology student

Aimee connected with many alumni, including a psychology graduate who shared valuable placement advice.

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"I had a lovely conversation with one alumna about her career path to becoming a psychologist. I found this to be really insightful as I also want to pursue this as a career. She was kind enough to give me some advice about available opportunities that I wasn't aware of, and how she used her work placement year as part of her degree. I made notes in preparation for my own second-year placement applications.

I also learnt that the University has more to offer than I originally thought in terms of clubs and societies – I've had conversations with alumni about societies that I didn't know existed. 

I would like to thank the donors for their generosity and support with our fundraising campaign and, even if they were unable to donate at this time, I appreciate the time that they took out of their day to talk about their careers and experiences."



Savana – First-year accounting & management student

Working within the caller team, Savana developed cooperation and communication skills to help her stand out to future employers.

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"The great thing about being a caller is that you get to meet new people. It is also rewarding to develop interpersonal skills, such as confidence in communication, which we will need and cherish when beginning our professional careers.  

The international calls I have made have been very insightful. One call I had was with an alumna currently living in America. I’ve always been curious about living and pursuing a career in America, and thanks to this call I was able to gather information and advice about this path.

I have learnt many things about the philanthropic side of the university, and how they value equal education and opportunity.

I want to thank donors for empathising and being so willing, not only to donate but to have open conversations with us during this Telethon."



"One of the nicest parts of being a Telethon caller has been having conversations in my first language with alumni who have similar experiences to me.

People have also been so willing to help with career advice and work experience – it's lovely to see how supportive Bath alumni are, even years after leaving the University.

My most memorable call was with an alumnus who studied addiction counselling at Bath. He told me about his time studying in Warminster as part of his course, and how students would live with each other and their tutors in addiction centres. I had no idea such a course ever existed!

Speaking to so many alumni who have done placement courses also made me realise how much Bath can support you in finding a placement, and how University affiliations with certain companies can be beneficial in helping students secure opportunities during and after their placement year. 

I want to thank anyone who has taken the time to have a conversation with us, as the openness and generosity alumni give through their gifts, advice or simply their time make the calls such an enjoyable experience and highlight the strong communities that are built at Bath."

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