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I'm Alex -  I'm currently in my final year studying International Management and French, and I'm lucky to say I'll be representing Bath at the annual summit being held in The Hague this October.

If you've not yet heard of One Young World, it's an annual movement which gathers together young voices from academia, business, and the third sector to discuss and share solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues. This is my first post so far but I'm keen to share ideas and voices around the One Young World movement, so hopefully over the coming months you'll see a number of these blog posts on the Bath website.

Over the summer, so much has happened in the OYW community. From caucuses in Poland and London to engaging with in global celebrations, this is a movement that's constantly evolving and adapting.

Just over a month ago, I had the chance to take part in One Young World's London Caucus.  Taking the form of a Hackathon hosted by Facebook at their London HQ, we were split up into teams to build ideas around a global issue - Pollution, Mental Health, and Equality. It was great to see the energy around OYW and meet other delegates for the first time.

The One Young World x Facebook Hackathon

Last month we also had International Youth Day, a day organised by the UN, which saw OYW leading the conversation online around global youth issues. Issues ranged from youth unemployment to giving a platform to those who's voices struggle to be heard. You can check out some of the young voices highlighted by OYW to mark International Youth Day on their website here.

The passion and drive for One Young World in the community is fantastic, and, having just selected sessions for the conference, I'm really excited to see this in person.

I'm looking forward to keeping this blog updated as time goes on and we get closer to the event!

Thanks for reading.

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