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Career talk 15 June 2023, 1-2pm
Kate Awdry and Emily Pollinger will be discussing soft project management skills gained in their careers at the university as Project Managers more ❯

Lunch and launch for the WomenCAN project
Published 5/19/2023 in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
WomanCAN research project led by Professor Carol Taylor and Dr Sally Hewlett officially launched on 10 May. The project is funded by the more ❯

Career talk 8 June 2023
Dr Filipa Vance, Head of Research Governance & Compliance, will discuss her career and how to transition between different roles in what more ❯

Friendships: Be Present, be Curious
Published 5/18/2023 in Chaplains Latest Reflection
How do you make friends after leaving Uni? I was part of a group of people chatting about this question last week and was impressed by the honesty more ❯

All Abroad for ‘The Best Year of Your Life?’
Published 5/18/2023 in Student bloggers
With my permanent departure from France just a matter of weeks away, I have been feeling overly reflective on my Year Abroad. It is widely known more ❯

How does the Disabled Students’ Allowance help students?
Published 5/17/2023 in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Learn more about the tools, equipment and interventions to support disabled students. Did you know that neurodivergent students, those with more ❯

Your invitation to our AGM – plus news, events and more
Published 5/16/2023 in On Parade
We recently joined the country in celebrating the Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort, and welcomed our more ❯

Elephants, rhinos and donkeys
Published 5/16/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
I wrote the other day about celebrity and conservation; about dogoodery, the liberal conscience, and the ignorance that sometimes informs it. more ❯

World map with the dots showing the locations of people doing ankle research.
Foot and Ankle Research Around the World
Published 5/15/2023 in Open Ankle Model
Our review of the literature has shown there is a global reach to finite element analysis of the foot and ankle. With dozens of research more ❯

Are our students ready for hybrid language learning?
Published 5/15/2023 in Centre for Learning & Teaching
Ana Bertolossi is a Learning Advisor at the Skills Centre where she also teaches Brazilian Portuguese at the Foreign Languages (FL). The FL more ❯

To understand AI’s problems look at the shortcuts taken to create it
Published 5/15/2023 in IPR blog
Nello Cristianini is Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bath and author of The Shortcut: Why Intelligent Machines Do Not more ❯

Can Big Tobacco really be part of a sustainable future?
Published 5/12/2023 in Tobacco and Public Health
Grow food not tobacco is the message of this year's World No Tobacco Day, as campaigners point to the social, economic and environmental harms more ❯

Some positive DfE news
Published 5/12/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
Good news from the Free Speech Union this morning.  The FSU confirms ... "In a major victory for free speech on campus, the Higher more ❯

Blue circular lights leading off into a tunnel on a black background
Bath Beacons: Reflections and advice for aspiring Beacon leads
Published 5/11/2023 in Professor Sarah Hainsworth
The Bath Beacon scheme was set up in 2021 to develop and support groups or networks of researchers with capacity and ambition to develop more ❯

Walking you Through my Placement Poster
Published 5/11/2023 in Student bloggers
One of the assignments towards the end of your placement is a “Conference Poster”. This is a document that is shared with Year 1 and Year more ❯

Day out to Slimbridge - Saturday 13th May 2023, 9.30am to 5pm
Published 5/11/2023 in University of Bath Staff Society
Omnibus, the staff society, organises various trips throughout the year. Friends and family are welcome to join. Next trip : more ❯

Systemic transformation and individual action: Keys to addressing the climate crisis 
Published 5/11/2023 in Climate Action
Systemic change and individual action are two complementary components of a collective effort to create a more sustainable future. Climate more ❯

Hunting and Conservation No 368
Published 5/11/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
Whenever hunting gets discussed in parliament, rationality tends to be smothered by emotion.  Such was again to be seen as the House of more ❯

Why training is not always the right answer
Published 5/11/2023 in Changing, Ourselves
In a world that is rapidly being redefined for us by geopolitical, economic, and technological changes our continuous development is a priority. more ❯