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Ellie Mae O'Hagan and those Woodpeckers
Published 1/13/2022 in Bill Scott's blog
Our local great spotted woodpeckers are back visiting the garden after their autumn sabbatical, having successfully raised at least one brood more ❯

Universal basic income experiments: The state of play
Published 1/12/2022 in IPR blog
Rachael Hochman is an intern at the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research, and a Welfare Benefits Adviser at Citizens more ❯

LGBT+ History Month 2022
We are pleased to share with you our upcoming events for LGBT+ History Month in February. Research events We are hosting two events more ❯

Athena Swan Anniversary stories: a round up
Background: Aiste Senulyte Zubiniene, an ED&I Officer at the University of Bath, Athena Swan Reviewer, and Dr Sarah Bailey, a Senior more ❯

Top ten responsible business stories of 2021
Published 1/11/2022 in Bath Business and Society
In the world of (ir)responsible business practice, 2021 certainly did not disappoint. While COVID-19 continued to dominate the regular news cycle, more ❯

Critiquing Net Zero Policies in Schools
Published 1/11/2022 in Bill Scott's blog
Amid all the euphoria in Glasgow during COPO26, I tried to listen to a few alternative voices.  Why?  Partly because they exist, and partly more ❯

Join the Campus Pride organising committee for 2022!
Kaleidoscope and the SU LGBT+ Diversity and Support group are excited to be working together on planning this year's Pride event on campus more ❯

Picture of student studying for maths exam - Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Maths exams: prepare to succeed
Published 1/10/2022 in Academic & Employability Skills
Maths exams are hard. Ruth Hand from the Mathematics Resources Centre (MASH) talks about how to revise and how to tackle the exam. more ❯

VIP – Running Our Small Research Team
Published 1/7/2022 in Student bloggers
Hello again! It’s me, Vienne. Since the last blog post about the Vertically Integrated Project looking at Intergenerational Engagement more ❯

New Year Resolutions
Published 1/6/2022 in Be Well
Psychology student Aneekha shares her tips for a new year: As we start the beginning of 2022, it seems only natural to talk about new more ❯

Deciding whether or not to take a placement
Published 1/6/2022 in Student bloggers
Placement year. What even is it? Deciding whether to take a placement year is no easy decision. But I’m hoping this blog can give you some more ❯

The aims of environmental science education revisited
Published 1/6/2022 in Bill Scott's blog
As I noted the other day, the ASE is reprinting a 2010 article of mine in the 2022 edition of ASE International.  A core part of that paper was more ❯

Researcher Alumni case study - working as an academic
In our latest researcher alumni case study, Dr James Roscow from the Department of Mechanical Engineering gives us an insight into day-today life more ❯

Why journaling can be beneficial and tips on getting started!
Published 1/5/2022 in Be Well
Accounting and finance student, Eman, talks about the benefits of keeping a journal: Brains are weird, they are. Thoughts are even weirder; more ❯

Levelling up: "Please sir, I want some more"
Published 1/5/2022 in IPR blog
Mark Hepworth is a multidisciplinary economist and entrepreneur whose international career spans academia, public policy and business consultancy. more ❯

Two women, one in a wheelchair talking.
Memoirs of a young carer
Published 1/4/2022 in Student bloggers
Hey everyone, I hope you are all well. For all those who are young carers, being cared for, or are interested in their experiences, this more ❯

Being Northern Irish in Bath...
Published 1/4/2022 in Student bloggers
Hello, I hope you are well. My name is Erin and I am from Northern Ireland. This obviously makes my university experience in Bath slightly more ❯

Being on a Joint Honours Course...
Published 1/4/2022 in Student bloggers
Hello, I hope you are well. My name is Erin and I am hoping that after reading this blog post you will have gained insight into what being on a more ❯

Being an International Student on Placement: Adapting and tackling doubts in a foreign workplace
Published 1/4/2022 in Student bloggers
One question I get asked quite frequently from friends, family, and prospective students is why I chose to study Business at the University of more ❯