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Time to Talk Day is the nation’s biggest mental health and wellbeing conversation. Happening every year, it’s a day for friends, families, communities, and workplaces to come together to talk, listen and change lives.

Talking can be a way to cope with a problem you’ve been carrying around in your head for a while. Just being listened to can help you feel supported and less alone. And it works both ways. If you open up, it might encourage others to do the same.

This year we would like Teams, Departments, Colleagues to take some time to talk. You might want to visit Wessex staff hub, our new staff space or the Polden Staff Commons to have a chat.

Perhaps a walk and talk is more your style, how about using the Campus walking tour map to plan your walk. And of course there is also the option for virtual chats too.

We are planning monthly ‘Taking Time to Talk’ days for 2023, taking place in the Polden Staff Commons where free coffee/tea and biscuits will be available for you to take a moment to reflect or have a chat with one of our Staff Wellbeing Champions.

Here are the first three dates:

If you would like a reminder in your diary, contact employeewellbeing@bath.ac.uk


We know the more conversations we have, the better life is for everyone. Talking about mental health isn’t aways easy, but a conversation has the power to change lives.

Here are some top tips for having a conversation

  1. You don't have to be an expert
    You don't need all the answers. Just being there means a lot.
  2. Keep it simple
    Small actions can make a big difference. Chat over a cuppa, take a walk, or send a text.
  3. Don't try and fix it
    Resist the urge to offer quick fixes. Often just listening is enough.
  4. Ask questions and listen
    Asking questions shows that you care and want to know how someone's really doing.

Here is a conversation starter for you: Conversation starter PDF

There are times when we all need some extra support to balance the demands of everyday life. That is why the University provides a free and confidential counselling service (EAP)) for staff who can self-refer by ringing 01225 825960 or 01225 824484.

The Education Support Partnership is an independent counselling service. It is a charity that supports staff in higher education. They provide a 24/7 telephone and email helpline. You can contact them directly by phone: 08000 562561 or email: support@edsupport.org.uk.

Also, our Staff Wellbeing Champions would be happy to have a conversation and help to signpost you to support.

Posted in: Employee Wellbeing, Mental Health


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