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You’ve got your offer (congrats!) and now you have to apply for accommodation and you’re a little overwhelmed due to the sheer amount of choice Bath offers.

I remember racking my brains trying to recall what the accommodation looked like when I visited during the open day but alas, my memory failed me! Learn from me and take photos/videos of the accommodations – see my first post on choosing a university for more tips.

This is where I had to trawl through the different accommodations’ web pages and depend on the 360-degree photo (which is pretty cool, in my humble opinion) to make my decision.

So, if you’re also confused and looking for self-catered accommodation, this one is for you!

I chose Solsbury Court as it was on campus, self-catered and ensuite – though ensuite didn’t matter too much. Solsbury and Marlborough Court appear as the same option when you apply as they’re basically the same but just different buildings.

My favourite things about living in Solsbury would include:

  • My room is pretty spacious, and I like that the floor isn’t carpet so it’s easier to clean (with that said though, dust gathers very quickly for some reason and cleaning is now my fav form of procrastination!)
  • The kitchen is a lovely communal space to socialise and cook in – there are 7 of us in my flat and we get a cupboard and a half, one fridge shelf and one freezer shelf each.
  • The laundrette, which is in Marlborough Court, is just a short walk away which means laundry isn’t as big of a chore as I thought it’d be!

I’ve really enjoyed living here so far and would totally recommend it if you’re going by the same criteria as I did, but then again, I’m kinda biased 😉

Posted in: Accommodation, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, First year, Undergraduate

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  • Thanks for the info, i'll definitely put that as my first choice.

    • Hey Oruese! Glad you found this post helpful, hope you get it as your choice! Joelle x