My first placement day in The Children's Hospital

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I made my lunch and packed my bag the night before. My clothes were laid out ready, however, I don’t have a set uniform; the policy is just smart, plain clothes so I will be making the use out of my sixth form suit clothes I used to wear, with smart black shoes.

I woke up at 7:30 am, and left the house at 8:15, after just managing to stomach a piece of toast with raspberry jam. Nerves were high, but I was also excited to start a new chapter. I was a wet and windy morning; nevertheless, it still only took me 5 minutes to walk to work- how good is that! However, my commute is up the Christmas steps! If you aren’t aware, the Christmas Steps in Bristol are so steep and there are so many steps! But they are surrounded by lovely buildings; pubs and shops. So all in all, my walk to work isn’t that bad.


Firstly, I walked into the main Bristol Royal Infirmary, and realised I was in the wrong place, so walked over the road to the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. My line manager met me at reception where she proceeded to take me to the office; this was also 5 flights of stairs and a maze to get to! Let’s just say I won’t have a problem getting my daily steps in here! I met everyone in the department which also included speech and language therapists, dietitians, junior doctors and a few more. We sorted out some admin bits and bobs and I had been given a long list of mandatory eLearning that I must do over the coming weeks when I have time. Then, the final admin part was my ID badge. I had to walk to the other side of the hospital to get it, and of course I got lost! The Bristol Royal Infirmary is connected to the Children’s hospital, so a higher chance of getting lost! I had a quick ‘tour’ of the departments and met the doctors and nurses on the wards who I will be working with, everyone was so nice. The wards all have their own names and corresponding decorations, such as the ocean ward which is a general outpatient ward and it has lots of sea life imagery, a fish tank etc, and great for the kids.

I then had my lunch at the café on the top floor of the main hospital which had a lovely view of Bristol. My afternoon was filled with lots of e-learning and a visit to the starlight ward which is for oncology (cancer) patients. This was eye-opening; however, all conversations and progress results for the 3 patients we saw were positive, so this was a good end to my first day.



Posted in: Department for Health, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Placements


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