My day in South Korea was packed with exciting activities and delicious food. It started with a visit to the Sunnye Dog Café in Hongdae, a charming place where you can enjoy the company of adorable dogs. With half the dogs belonging to the owner and the rest being dropped off throughout the day, with the cafe doubling as a doggy day care, it was clear they were well cared for and happy. For a small fee of 11,000 won, you can enter the café and enjoy a basic drink while being surrounded by these adorable dogs. It was heartwarming to see them eagerly seeking attention and even hopping onto your lap. The café is also set up so that, if the dogs want some alone time, they can easily sit elsewhere, and it even has a separate nap room. With a variety of dogs, each with their own unique personality, it was truly an amazing experience and one that I plan to revisit.

Next, I met up with friends at a study café. Study cafes can be found all around Seoul, offering study spaces within cafes, so you can easily buy drinks and snacks whilst studying. This cafe, located on the top floors, offers a beautiful view of the Seoul skyline and Han river that added a great background to our study session.  Particularly, I would recommend staying until sunset, as it provides an unbelievable view and photo opportunity. Although it was a bit of a trek from Yonsei University, the ambiance and the chance to work in such a picturesque setting made it all worthwhile.

When it was time for dinner, we decided to try Pizza Rosso 1924, a pizza restaurant in Hongdae recommended to us by Italians. With Korea being notorious for its sweet pizzas and unusual toppings (such as sweet potato mousse), we were hoping for a more authentic style pizza. Our expectations were definitely exceeded with delicious pizza that was definitely needed after the study session.

We ended the night by attending a DJ set sponsored by Vans. Located in an abandoned section of the underground, with food and drink stands at the entrance, the location added an edgy and unique atmosphere to the event. Also, the music, whilst not particularly my style, was still fun to dance to. With free entry it was great and definitely worth going to. There are so many events occurring in Seoul all the time, whether club nights like this, or events during the daytime, so I would recommend keeping an eye out for these.

Overall, it was a really fun, though tiring, day, and gives an insight into a few of the many  things you can do and experience in Seoul.

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