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The FRESH CDT has recently recruited 12 students. In total, 86 applications were received, all evaluated first by the lead supervisors. The first-choice students were interviewed by the FRESH interview panel. Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern represented Bath on the interview panel. The best 12 students were offered a position and all accepted. Two of these students will come to Bath, while Bristol will get 5 students, Cardiff 4 and Exeter 1.

This year, the time for recruitment was very short due to the timing of the award of the FRESH CDT grant. For Cohort 2, the process will have more time and call for projects will come out in the summer (June-September). To keep informed on the FRESH CDT, visit GW4FRESH website and follow this blog.

For more information: Jan Hofman

Posted in: FRESH CDT


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