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  • Five Finnish lessons for professional services staff

    The cycle of the academic year can often feel relentless, with little time to step back and reflect on the bigger questions of how we work and what skills we need for the future. With this in mind, Loretta Gibson (Director of...

  • International Women in Engineering Day

    Author: Anna Young, Photo credits: Hamideh Khanbareh People sometimes ask me why I think we should bother about encouraging more women into engineering. I think the answer is simple: we need more engineers¹, and we need people with a wide...

  • MSc Robotics & Autonomous Systems Robot Challenge

    Author: Dr Rob Wortham - Back in December, our MSc students studying Robotics Software competed in the first MSc Robot Challenge. On the face of it, the challenge was very simple: Drive a small wheeled ‘ROSbot’ robot from one end...

  • New nano manufacturing capacity

    Author: Dr Matthew Cole - The past ten months in the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering have been busy, perhaps none more so than in the group I lead, the new Nano Vacuum Electronics Group. We focus on the...

  • Career prospects in Engineering Business Management

    Author: Peter Mott, Professor of Practice in Engineering and Business Management at the University of Bath - I was recently asked by a student considering coming to the University of Bath to study our MSc Engineering Business Management, "what would...

  • A content gift

    Introducing our Taster Talk series for teachers Just in time for Christmas! Our Engineering & Design Taster Talk series is now live. Five lectures each under five minutes presented by academics from our five subject areas (architecture, civil engineering, mechanical...