Welcome to the 2018/19 CDE Cohort

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Disclaimer: This post is a bit off-topic. However, if you would like to know more about what it is like to be an EngD student, continue reading! Next week I start my research project at Designability, so I will be more on-topic very soon.

This week, the Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE) welcomed its 2018/19 cohort of students. It was a pleasure to meet the new group of research engineers and to welcome them into the department. Current CDE students were asked to put together presentations for the new students about the different stages of the EngD. I gave two presentations, one describing what to expect from the first year of the EngD, and another about both my MSc and EngD research projects. Scroll down to take a look at these, and get in touch if you have any questions.

Click on the links below if you cannot see a presentation.

CDE 2018/19 Cohort Welcome

This presentation shows what the first year of the EngD programme may look like, and is a representation of what I experienced in my first year. There are other conferences and events that you can attend as an EngD student, but the CVMP conference and CDE Summer School are events EngD students are expected to attend. These are a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about their work.

MSc and EngD Research Projects

An overview of my summer master's project and my upcoming EngD research project. The second half of this presentation (about the EngD project) has been taken from a presentation I gave last week.

[slideshare id=116880522&doc=1st-year-research-projects-180927115731]

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