June 2021 Update

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It has been a while since I have written a general update of what is going on in terms of my EngD. I am firmly into the final months of my project now and would like to bring you up to date with what I am currently working on as I finish up. Usually, the last few months of a doctorate are dedicated to writing your thesis, but I am juggling a few other things alongside that.

Recruiting for and Conducting Online Interviews

I am still actively recruiting for participants to take part in the final study of my doctorate. I published details of the study back in April. These online interviews will give me the chance to finally hear directly from people living with dementia in a formal research study, an activity that was delayed due to coronavirus.

The participants who have taken part in sessions already have had different responses to the augmented reality prompts I have shown them. It is exciting to start to see where there are similarities and differences in what people think. I will be transcribing interviews as and when they are completed, before analysing the data properly next month.

Analysing Qualitative Data

Back in 2019, I conducted semi-structured interviews as part of the study that is reported in our published paper and I will be adding an analysis of this qualitative data to my thesis. I will start working on this analysis later this month, and will need to work on it at the same time as data collection for the final study mentioned above.

Writing My Thesis

Of course, I am also working on other parts of my thesis bit-by-bit to start making it grow. I have the results from other completed studies that I can include already, and I can also start writing the motivation and method for the Online Interviews before all of the data is collected.

The final chapters, the Discussion and Conclusion, will need to wait until all data collection and analysis has been carried out. My aim is to submit my thesis at the beginning of August (a tight deadline!), so I really do have my work cut out for me.

After My Doctorate

The tight deadline is in part to accommodate a smooth transition to the next step of my career. Keep a look out for my next blog, where I will share some personal news that I have been sitting on for quite a while... at least in terms of my blog.

Posted in: EngD, Research Project, Updates


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  • Hello Thomas....just to say what an amazing study you are doing. It brings hope to those with dementia and the families watching their loved ones change. Mam ( your great-great aunt) as you know has Alzheimer’s and I haven’t hugged or kissed her for nearly 18 months. The home has Skyped and I have visited in a bubble but hope these arrangements will change in the not too distant future. Keep up this unique approach which I know will be a success. Stay safe Christine 👍🤗😊🥰

    • Thank you, Christine, for your lovely comment! I hope the arrangements at the home change for you soon so you can go and see her. Speak to you soon!