Research Poster and Summary of Planned Experiments

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In my meeting with my supervisors in November, we discussed the progress of my AR for Dementia research project. The meeting was very productive and gave me a clear direction for what to pursue next. At the end of this post there is a poster that summarises the work I will be carrying out over the next year, and the basis for it too.

Scroll down to read more about the planned research and to see my research poster.

Research Experiments Summary

The work I will be focusing on involves finding out what the common actions are in everyday tasks for people living with dementia. Tasks might be things like making a cup of tea, or putting on the television, and the research will determine the words needed to help prompt someone to complete these tasks, like put the teabag in the mug, or press the on/off button.

Following this, a range of augmentations - that is, ways of digitally enhancing the view of real-world objects - that represent these actions will be developed. In an experiment involving older people the augmentations will be evaluated to find the most effective way of communicating each action. In the same experiment, new technology will be presented to participants gradually, with the aim of exploring if using augmented reality is an acceptable format for this age group.

In a second experiment, the most effective augmentations will be put together and tested with people with dementia. The aim of this experiment is to test how well someone with dementia understands the augmented reality representations of the actions, rather than whether or not they can complete a task using augmented reality.

The details of these experiments are still to be developed, but I am looking forward to exploring the different options for my work. Future work will then lead on to developing a complete augmented reality task prompting system for people with dementia, depending on the output of the experiments.

Research Poster for CVMP 2018

Here is my poster summarising the basis of my research. I will be presenting the poster at the CVMP 2018 conference in London in December, but you get an advance viewing of it!

CVMP 2018 Research Poster
CVMP 2018 Research Poster

Posted in: EngD, Posters, Research Project

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