A Busy Month Ahead

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August has been filled up with running my latest study, but this will come to an end early next week. Although the completion of this data collection stage will free up my working days, I already have a selection of events and deadlines to prepare for in September. Here is what I have in store for the busy month ahead.

Writing a Paper

As a researcher in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI), one of the main ways to share my work is by submitting a paper to a conference. This year, I am aiming to submit to CHI 2020, which is a prominent HCI conference (for those who don't know it). I have already put together an outline of the paper, but need to fill in the details and add the results when everyone has taken part in my study.

This time last year, I would never have expected to be trying to submit a paper to CHI so early on, but I am eager to produce a well-written article for submission. The deadline is 20th September, so I have my work cut out for me. I attended the conference earlier this year in Glasgow, but if my paper gets accepted for next year's conference, it will mean a trip to...


Even more motivation to write a great paper!

Sharing My Work More Locally

Another good way of sharing work informally is by attending workshops and industry events. In September, I will be going to Cardiff to attend the Immersive Technologies in Academia and Industry (ITAI) Workshop. This aligns really well with my EngD project, because the workshop aims to unite academic and industrial experts using augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies.

I will be taking my experiment setup and research poster to present in a demo at the ITAI Workshop. The workshop is free to attend, so if you plan on going, sign up on their website and let me know!

If you can't make it, though, there's no need to worry: Around the same time, I will finally be able to show you my experiment in action, since the study will be over and I can reveal the details on my blog.

Reviewing My EngD Project

In October, I have another big deadline: my transfer report. The purpose of this report is for my project to be reviewed internally at the university, and to determine if I can continue my EngD project. I will be working on this throughout September and, luckily, will be generating content when I write the CHI paper.

Another key part of the transfer report is to describe the plan for the rest of my doctorate, which will depend significantly on the results of the study. I am keen to start using AR in a more specific context for people with dementia, but will meet with my supervisors at the end of September to review the project. Although the focus of the project might shift slightly, I am still aiming to determine if and how well augmented reality is suited for people living with dementia.

Another Wave of CDE Students

Finally, at the end of September, the CDE will be welcoming the next intake of EngD students. I am taking on a peer mentoring role this year, and I am looking forward to getting to know the new students.

I will meet some new students a bit sooner though; next week, I will be banging the drum for the CDE team in Designability's Dragon Boat Race! Various CDE staff, academic supervisors, and current and soon-to-be students will be rowing to raise money for Designability on 8th September. If you come along, you might just see us 'dressed as our research'...

If you would like to support the CDE team to raise funds for Designability, you can find a link to the Just Giving page in the tweet below. Thank you!

Posted in: CDE, EngD, Events, Papers, Research Project, Updates

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