Quantitative Results with numbers embedded in the charts - Academic Staff

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Well, within 24 hours we have had 349 views of the data from our survey.  Some staff have requested the data where the percentages/numbers are embedded in the charts.  So, please see below and you will find the data in a format where

  • The numbers (absolute or percentages) are displayed on the charts - saves you searching the raw data!
  • The results for the strongly agree - strongly disagree questions now have the scores on the doors.  We have also embedded the text for the questions within the graphs.  This should assist you in assessing whether the scores are good, areas to work on etc.
  • The results cover - combined responses, responses presented by gender, Faculty/School and by Grade.

Happy reading


Overall responses for academic staff - numbers embedded in charts

Results for academic staff by gender - numbers embedded in charts

responses academic staff by Faculty and School - numbers embedded in charts

Responses from academic staff by grade - numbers embedded in the charts


Posted in: University Athena SWAN


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