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  • Randomised course-work.

    I have taught 1/2 of the 2nd year course "Quantum and Atomic physics" (PH2013/60 if you care) for three years. My section, 5 weeks long and 15 1-hours teaching sessions takes the students from solving the Schrodinger equation for a...

  • Graduation

    Congratulations of Sarah and Rebecca, both graduating from the MPhy course. It was a pleasure to have you in the lab. Will you be back?

  • No women please we're quantum.

    It appears that there is a rumps in the Quantum world. At a major scientific conference (15th ICQC: conference website) the first round of invited speakers, chairs and honorary chairs were all men. Three leading women academics in the field...

  • "Write your name in atoms!" he said. (Part 2)

    So we've used up all the storage space in our last post, but here is the rest of the story... Week 8: Oh what a lovely crumble! So this week we needed to sort out the jolting in our images...

  • Some of my thoughts on Exams.

    I have just walked up the hill to the University of Bath listening to my radio. On the Today program there was an interview with the head of Ofqual explaining the new GCSE (or whatever they are) exams. Instead of...

  • Silicon: in fact made of atoms

    Recommended listening for this post:   Sometimes, life can feel like you're stuck in the part of the training montage where nothing is going right. No matter how much you "wax on, wax off", the finish on Mr. Miyagi's car...

  • "Write your name in atoms!" he said.

    During the fourth year of an MPhys degree at Bath, students are required to pick a research project to join for semester one. Our names are Rebecca and Sarah and we selected to join the atomic manipulation group. After completing...

  • Physics Athena SWAN slides

    Here are the slides I used at today's brief overview of the Physics Department's draft application for a Bronze Athena SWAN award. Any comments of suggestions to

  • Penguin Tossing

    Some attempts to toss a penguin over an ancient, ~ 4000 years old, Standing Stone of Stenness (Link). Well when you're in Orkney one really should try new things.