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At the end of September, I attended an online webinar session from the team at Future Teacher 3.0, on the topic of Working with Rich Media – Video.  The Teacher 3.0 project is designed to provide guidance and support for teachers in using learning technology, with an emphasis on accessibility and improving digital content creation skills.

The webinar presentation content was delivered through an e-learning authoring tool called Xerte.  This lets the author present text, multimedia and interactive content.  As the webinar progressed, participants were given the chance to post answers to the presentation.  These are embedded within the Xerte presentation.

Slide 22 has some interesting examples of video types, including using Panopto (Re:View) for maths demonstrations.

There were also two external presentations (from the University of Derby and Keele University) about their use of video in HE.  You can view the webinar, at 26:53 mins for Derby’s presentation on  gathering feedback on video resources, and at 33.22 mins for Keele’s presentation on producing videos for healthcare students.

Some universities are now providing study guidance on how to get the most from lecture recordings.  For example, there is a lecture capture study tips guide from York University. We were also introduced to resources that explore pedagogical approaches to using multimedia by Jack Koumi (an educational consultant).

The Future Teacher 3.0 website also has links to earlier webinar/training Xerte resources (e.g. on topics such as social media, use of audio etc.) providing research which explores how technology can enhance teaching and learning.

The next webinar (and last in the series) is on October 25, 2018 at 1:00 pm.

University of Bath staff and students can also try out Xerte.  You can access the tool by logging in with your University user details and password, at this address:

Yvonne Moore, TEL Team

For further information contact:

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