Congratulations to our Teaching Awards 2019 winners!

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Inspirational learning and teaching was celebrated at this year's Education Awards evening held on Friday 5 April 2019 at a glittering joint ceremony with the Students' Union Academic Rep Awards. University Teaching Award winners were announced on the night and presented with their awards by Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching) and Jack Kitchen (Education Officer, Students' Union).

A record numbers of nominations were received for the seven University Teaching Awards,  which recognise outstanding staff achievements in learning and teaching across the University. Professor Peter Lambert, Chair of the Awards Committee, congratulated all nominees for their commitment to delivering exceptionally high quality learning and teaching, and pastoral support activities.

This year, a new award was introduced to recognise Director of Studies who go the extra mile to improve the student experience and deliver excellent teaching.

Winning members of staff were delighted to receive their University Teaching Awards as recognition of their outstanding effort and commitment to learning and teaching. A number of nominees also received Highly Commended recognition

Two nominees were found to be equally deserving of winning the inaugural Director of Studies Award.  Mrs Deborah Lewis was recognised for the tireless energy and dedication she brings to support a diverse cohort of students, using to good effect her own work experience outside academia to, improve the experience for students on the MBA programme.  Dr Fabio Nemetz was recognised as an enthusiastic driver of change within his department through a multitude of initiatives including the introduction of agile meetings with students and the development of novel computer laboratory teaching methods and mid-semester feedback.

Dr Steve Cayzer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, was winner of the Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award. Steve was praised for his passion for learning and teaching, and commitment to innovative approaches in the delivery of teaching. These include the design of an Engineering Management Practicum, a project that involves our alumni in mentoring students, and the introduction of Team Based Learning in two units, demonstrating that team work can lead to more effective learning than working alone.

Two nominees were found to be equally deserving of the Mary Tasker Award this year.  Dr John Troyer, Department of Social and Policy Sciences, was commended for his excellent guidance as a personal tutor, his commitment to curriculum design and development, and for finding creative ways to encourage students to pursue ideas into their everyday lives. John has made a significant contribution to the support of students experiencing a bereavement. Dr Oliver Walton, Department of Social and Policy Sciences, was recognised for his involvement in a number of initiatives including the re-design of PGT teaching in his department, worked to create a more inclusive learning environment and engaged with an educational charity to develop educational resources for their students.

Dr Javier Gonzalez, Department for Health, was winner of the John Willis Award. Javier was recognised for his enthusiasm and commitment to engaging, supporting and inspiring his students. As well as successfully bringing current science to the classroom he is also a highly successful research scientist.

The Disability Advice Team, Student Services, were the winners of this year's Best Team Award in Support of Student Learning. The team were commended for the high quality and professional support they provide at every stage of the student journey. Their success in supporting an ever-increasing number of students is the result of their collective team effort and strong relationships forged with their colleagues across the University.

Dr Marianne Ellis, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), Faculty of Engineering and Design, was presented with the Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award. Marianne's achievements as an inspirational and transformational leader were widely recognised, for her work in championing  Curriculum Transformation and for her involvement in an impressive number of projects across the University.

Professor Jean van den Elsen, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, was awarded the Excellence in Doctoral Supervision Prize 2019. Jean was commended for his dedication to the supervisory role and his passion for the training of future bioscience researchers and for creating a supportive environment in which students can become creative, independent thinkers. Jean is an accomplished scientist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology,  regularly collaborating with academic colleagues across the University and in international academia.

This year, several nominees received special commendations from the Awards Committee: Mr Andrew Avent, Mechanical Engineering (Mary Tasker Award); Dr Elise Pegg, Mechanical Engineering (John Willis Award) and Dr Sarah Moore, Social and Policy Sciences (Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award).

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