Introducing students to interdisciplinary team-based learning to solve complex problems

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The Grand Innovation Challenge was co-created by an interdisciplinary group of academics alongside an industry expert and postgraduate student partners in response to a changing world of work for graduates. In such a world, graduates (and professional people) need to be able to act in transdisciplinary teams to solve a range of complex problems without obvious solutions. It is vital, therefore, that universities equip their students with real-world transferable skills such as teamwork, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking, in order to meet the needs of our future society; however, opportunities to do this within traditional degree programmes can be limited.

The Grand Innovation Challenge ran with a diverse cohort of students at different stages (from first year undergraduates to PhD level) and from a range of disciplines. The project introduced students to human-centred design thinking and innovation with a view to leveraging their creativity and realising outcomes in collaborative teams. This team approach to solve commercial and global societal challenges is in keeping with current business approaches.

Join The Grand Innovation Challenge team at the next CLT Lunchtime Hub on Monday 18th November, 12:30 - 13:45 (lunch available from 12:15) where they will discuss the learning from their experience of running the projects and highlight the strengths and challenges that may be faced. The transferable skills developed and students’ perceptions of value will also be presented, along with ideas of how projects such as these can be implemented in the curriculum.

Watch the video to find out more about the experiences of students who took part in The Grand Innovation Challenge.


Posted in: employability, Teaching development, teamwork

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