Advice for teaching online and how the TEL Team can help

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Given the current situation that is developing around the Coronavirus, we would like to draw your attention to our advice on planning to teach online.

This is designed as a guide to quickly get you teaching online (as such, we have focused on the basics, and have excluded some advice we would normally give for preparing an online course).This information is constantly being updated/streamlined as your queries are being sent in via our Helpdesk and we review frequently asked questions.

Over the coming weeks, we will schedule regular virtual drop-in sessions. Each week will focus on topics that reflect frequently asked questions to the team. This week (starting from Wednesday 18th March) we will focus on Introduction to Teams Meetings (online). See our scheduled virtual drop-ins for detail

To clarify, in order to help us help you during this difficult period, we ask that you:

  1. contact us via (and not personal e-mails) if you need help and support related to teaching online. That way one if one of us is ill, or particularly busy, another member of the TEL team can help.  Please be aware that the team is dealing with extremely large numbers of queries at the moment, and that this may lead to some delays;
  2. use the TEL Community of Practice team to ask your peers any questions and share experiences. The TEL Team will NOT be using this space to answer your queries, please use the email). Instead, we will use this space to point towards guidance, observe your discussion and use this to produce further central help and support.

Any frequently asked questions that do get asked on this Community of Practice will feed into our general FAQs that appear on the CLT Hub page for online teaching.

Posted in: technology enhanced learning


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