Congratulations to our Teaching Awards 2020 winners!

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Inspirational learning and teaching was celebrated at this year's Education Awards Online Celebration, held on Friday 15 May 2020  in collaboration with the Students' Union Academic Rep Awards. University Teaching Award winners were announced by Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching). Nominees, colleagues and students from across the University were invited to watch the screening of the virtual 'ceremony'.

A record numbers of nominations were received for the University Teaching Awards,  which recognise outstanding staff achievements in learning and teaching across the University. Professor Peter Lambert, Chair of the Awards Committee, congratulated all nominees for their commitment to delivering exceptionally high quality learning and teaching, and pastoral support activities.

We hope to catch up with the winners over the coming weeks to find out more about their outstanding effort and commitment to learning and teaching, and what it meant to win an award.

Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award

This year, three nominees were named as winners of the Innovation in Learning and Teaching Award.

Dr Emma Carmel (Department of Social and Policy Sciences) was congratulated for her innovative interdisciplinary approach to designing and delivering a new programme of study. She encourages students as co-designers of their learning and promotes interdisciplinary dialogue around an advanced research-based curriculum.

Ms Lyn Hanning (Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology) has been instrumental in developing a complex simulation and practice-based learning strategy across all four years of a programme of study. She has established an impressive network of external partnerships to foster these developments. In so doing, she is building a national reputation for her work.

Dr Maria Valero (Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering) has demonstrated an impressive commitment to exploring new teaching methods, particularly using technology to develop and challenge students. She has made successful innovations in curriculum design and has worked with teams across the university to embed employability and transferable skills within the curriculum.

Mary Tasker Award

Dr Tahiru Liedong (School of Management) is this year's winner of the Mary Tasker Award.  Dr Liedong was congratulated on his outstanding reputation for using innovative, inclusive and engaging teaching methods that bring his subject to life – from using polls, simulations and case studies to drawing on his wealth of experience in a leading international organisation. Dr Liedong is held in particularly high regard by his students, who value his enthusiasm and encouragement, and his commitment to make learning a collaborative experience.

John Willis Award

Dr Stijn Wuyts (Department of Physics) is this year's winner of the John Willis Award. Dr Wuyts has shown exemplary care and dedication  to the pastoral support of his students, clearly enjoying and valuing teaching. He works hard to inspire his students by providing them with an invaluable authentic experience of research culture, is an exceptional researcher and has received widespread recognition for his contribution to the field of galaxy formation and evolution.

Director of Studies Award

Dr Philip Rogers, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, is awarded the Director of Studies Award. Dr Rogers has worked tirelessly as a Director of Studies for the past fourteen years. The care and support he gives to students’ wellbeing, and to their academic experience here at Bath, is considered exemplary. Dr Rogers actively encourages students to take up continuing education and networking opportunities, and has made a significant contribution to innovative curriculum design and transformation.

Best Team Award in Support of Student Learning

The Directors of Teaching & Directors of Studies Team, Department of Chemistry is this year's winner of the Best Team in Support of Student Learning Award.  The team were congratulated for the dedication, time and support they give to students in their department at each stage of their degree, recognising the importance of a smooth transition into university-level study as well as the acquisition of graduate skills. They work together as a close knit and highly effective team, with student engagement at their core.

Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award

Dr Elies Dekoninck, Department of Mechanical Engineering, is awarded the Leadership in Learning and Teaching Award. Dr Dekoninck's achievements include the development of a visionary new programme that aims to deliver radical changes to the student learning experience. She has also brought considerable energy and enthusiasm to her role as Head of Design, particularly through the promotion of a collegiate culture, and her contribution to curriculum transformation.

This year, several nominees received special Commendation from the Awards Committee: Dr Mary Mahon, Department of Chemistry (Director of Studies Award); Prof John Chew, Department of Chemical Engineering (John Willis Award); Dr Oliver Pountney, Department of Mechanical Engineering (John Willis Award); Dr Carl Sangan, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Mary Tasker Award); Online Masters' Team, Department of Computer Science and the Learning Partnerships Office (Best Team in Support of Student Learning Award); Student Experience and Placements Team for the BBA Programme, School of Management (Best Team in Support of Student Learning Award).

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