Latest Re:View (Panopto) support for recorded video content

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Last week TEL spent time updating their guidance about the Re:View system to support the increased use of recorded content. The staff FAQ page has been updated with the most common queries and a new video playlist page has been created which is being continually updated.

On Friday, TEL and AV held a Virtual Drop-In session which featured an overview of the system, short demo and Q&A.

  1. Listed below are the most popular Re:View topics following input from colleagues across the University and from the Q&A session: How to upload content such as a narrated PowerPoint when the Moodle upload limited has been exceeded.
  2. A quick overview of the relationship between Moodle and Re:View.
  3. Video editing guidance for Re:View and other platforms, including a screencast guide to basic editing in Re:View.
  4. How to add a quiz to recorded content in Re:View.
  5. How to add automatic captions to recorded content in Re:View.
Coming soon: 
  • Information about recording teaching sessions on campus.
  • Information about Zoom/Moodle/Re:View integration.
  • Information about archiving recorded content from previous academic years.
  • Re:View FAQ for students (being updated for the beginning of Semester 1).
  • Updated guidance about the new Panopto mobile app.
  • Panopto web recorder (beta).

Posted in: technology enhanced learning


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