Preparing Re:View (Panopto) for the 2021-22 academic year

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The terms of the new Teaching Capture Policy, which was approved by Senate in April, mean that the University must make some changes to how data is stored and processed in Re:View.

During the 2021-22 academic year all new recordings will be stored separately from previous recordings. Staff and students will continue to be able to access these new recordings in the Moodle-linked folders associated with their Moodle courses.

Recordings from previous academic years will still be available directly through the Re:View  website.

The AV Team is currently finalising testing of the new structure, with a view to moving it to live during the week beginning 6th September.

What action should I take now? 

Do not take any action yet. Your folders in Re:View can be left as they are until further guidance is communicated. During the week beginning 6 September recordings from previous academic years will be automatically moved into a new folder structure in Re:View. If you wish to reuse recordings during this academic year, we will send out further guidance about how to move these to the correct folder – please wait for this guidance before directing any queries to support teams.

If you are running a distance learning course and have a new intake of students starting during the week beginning 6th September, please can you flag this to the TEL team so that we can try to co-ordinate a suitable time for these changes to be implemented.

Posted in: audio visual, lecture capture, technology enhanced learning


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