Can VR and AI improve soft skills?

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A team from the Careers Service, Skills Centre and Centre for Learning and Teaching have registered to take part in a Jisc pilot project to trial a Virtual Reality (VR) platform called Bodyswaps.  The platform “uses virtual reality and artificial intelligence to empower users to develop their soft skills through empathy and self-reflection” (National Centre for AI, 2022).

The training will enable students to improve their interview skills, responding to personalised feedback from within the VR role play environment. This ‘roadshow’ style event will give students the chance to try out ‘managing anxiety’ training and the ‘job interview’ simulator.  We aim to take 40 students through this training and gather their feedback.

Bodyswaps scene. Bodyswaps woman wearing a VR headset.

Students will be offered the chance to take up the VR training (on campus) using Oculus Quest VR headsets.  Our student feedback, in conjunction with student feedback from four other institutions, will help Jisc determine if this training would be beneficial across the sector.  We'll let you know how it goes!

If you know of students who would be interested in such a project please ask them to visit this web page to find out more and express an interest in participating.

Bodyswaps Jisc pilot banner.

Posted in: authentic learning, employability, TEL, virtual reality


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