Cheltenham Science Festival 2013

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This is the fourth year the CSCT joined the family fun day at the Cheltenham Science Festival, although for most first year DTC students it is their first time going to this festival. All of us were excited!

CSF2013 Audience reaction to rocket launch
CSCT students demonstrating bottle rocket powered by (bio)ethanol. (Click the photo to watch the animation.)

Here is the answer for the previous blog post:
How much longer…to a life without metals? Banana piano.
How much longer…for fossil fuel power plants? Carbon dioxide belching power plant.
How much longer…to grow your own fuels? (Bio)ethanol rocket.
How much longer…is the road to hydrogen? Making hydrogen (balloon) cars.

The weather was nice over the weekend and there were hundreds of visitors visited our stand. We all wore our lab coats and it attracted people who are interested in science! (Sorry to scientists who don't wear lab coats.) The carbon dioxide belching power plant also got attention from the public.

The banana piano and hydrogen (balloon) cars were popular among children. They smashed 36 bananas and built 400 hydrogen (balloon) cars during the 2-day festival. We also handed out more than 800 stickers.

Posted in: Public engagement


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