Fancy playing with building physics in a ROOM?

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If at any point in your life, you wondered why the room is dark, why the air is not fresh, or why the speech in an auditorium sounds muffled, the answers lie within building physics.

In the mood to learn a bit about building physics? Here is a ROOM for you to play with.

Check this video of some interactive visual displays inside:


Ideas behind ROOM

Playing with ROOM generally follows the pattern below.


It encourages you to visualise the hidden parameters of building design that controls the flow of light, air, heat and sound, to use it as a source of inspiration in the process of developing a design.


ROOM currently covers seven topics: sunlight access, daylight access, natural ventilation, fabric heat transfer, approximation of heating demand, thermal comfort, and sound reverberation, all embeded in the context of a room.

Upcoming event

I will be discussing about ROOM and evironmental design in architectural education in the architecture research forum at University of Westminster Marylebone campus on 03 November.



Survey of attitudes to environmental design

It is a survey we are running with architecture practices and schools to understand how architects perceive environmental design and building physics. I invite you to participate and tell us your views with which ROOM will keep growing.


I am also more than happy to give a demo of ROOM and discuss in detail should you be interested in further engaging with the platform and my research.

Find more about ROOM through the following links.


Project log

Newsletter - Introducing ROOM

Facebook: @ROOMplaywithbuildingphysics

Twitter: @ROOM_BathUniACE


Posted in: Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, Postgraduate



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